5 Instagram Tips For Business

By: Paul Mascitti

Jun 5, 2017

Having a stellar Instagram profile is beneficial for any business. Here at Boxless, we work with a lot of companies in the Food and Beverage Industry, and visuals are a necessity. Below are five tips to help companies grow their business using Instagram.

1. Make Sure You Have a Business Profile

In order to have a business profile, you have to have a Facebook Page. If your company is expanding to Instagram, you should already have a business page on Facebook. In order to make it a business profile, all you have to do is edit your profile and select “Try Instagram Business Tools.” It will then prompt you to connect a Facebook Page. Creating a business profile will give you tons of analytics dealing with demographics, engagement, reach, impressions, etc. It also gives the people visiting your page the option to call, email, or get directions based off your location.

2. Use Strategic Hashtags

This is an interesting topic because so many people have different ideas on what hashtags to use and how many. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. My suggestion is to use them all; however, make them apply to your business and post. On every post I do for a company, I use 25 hashtags branding the company and an extra five that are specific to the post itself. You should use a combination of both broad and specific hashtags to reach different audiences. Instead of putting the hashtags in the description, putting them in the comments creates a professional, clean look.

3. Have a Plan

Having a plan is important for all social platforms. Create a content calendar that lays out all of your posts for up to a month in advance. Analytics can show you the specific times that have proven engagement. A lot of companies post blindly and expect results. However, a strategic plan goes a long way on Instagram.

4. Advertise

Facebook owns Instagram, so companies can use Facebook Ads Manager to advertise on Instagram. This opens up Instagram as, in my opinion, the second-best social media platform to advertise on. Creating targeted audiences is a great way to get in front of people that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach and to grow your online presence as a business. This gives your business a chance to advertise to a target market for a relatively low cost.

5. Give Your Profile a Professional Look

As a business, you want to stand out from other companies on Instagram. One great way to get in front of the competition is through your bio. Writing your bios in the notes section of your phone, then copying and pasting over gives you the ability to add content on different lines, and stand out among the industry. Making all captions and pictures look professional is crucial. Lastly, make sure the content matches your brand and creates a theme on your profile. This is very difficult for most companies to master, but when it’s done properly, it stands out.

Instagram is a great tool for all business. Researching competitors and big name brands in your space is a great way to understand how you stack up. The most important tip is to make sure you have a strategic plan when posting. If you post without thought, it leads to a lack-luster brand image and poor engagement. Keep these five tips in mind when considering Instagram for your company.